Collection: An imaginary map - A ALDEIA / The village

The Village is a stamping that occurred from a different process from the others. While the other drawings were made from the rescue of memories, illustrating and juxtaposing feelings, sensations and images associated with those memories, lived in the first person, The Village stamping is closer to a mental map around speculating about how my village would have formed.

My village, like many others, was a tangle of houses, factories, fields, paths, and alleys, with vernacular architecture, disheveled and unruly. Grown on the countryside. The ancients say that its first residents were travelers that, on a supposed trip, one of them turned to his companions and said: “We stop here!”. And that's how they became landowners and gave my village its name. Paramos, that means we stopped here, grew at an almost still, random, disordered pace.

Initially, the houses appeared timidly, here and there, looking for shelter under huge trees, later, gaining confidence, they were built already twinned, trying to balance each other: sometimes short and large, sometimes tall and narrow, forming a kind of awkward tapestry, but suggestive of a happy and peaceful memory.