Collection: A Pereira | Pear Tree

The Backyard - A PEREIRA / Pear tree 

Inside the bus, I looked anxiously outside.  The village landscape dragged at a slow speed in relation to the will to arrive.  Until my head was pushed forward and the sound of the brakes finally announced my arrival home. The black iron gate opened as if it was welcoming me.  In the garden, vegetable garden, orchard, fruit trees, flowers, turnips and animals awaited me.  How good this feeling of communion with nature was.  I didn't know it then but I was a happy village girl. In front of my house, within stone walls and vines, majestic pear trees stood proudly, as if in honor of my grandfather's family name. Sunny afternoons were spent between games around these beautiful trees.  The lush trunks that welcomed my tired body from running and playing, but also welcomed my thoughts of the naive questions of those times.  It was there that I counted the flowers and imagined the pears I would taste as soon as they were ready.  It was there that my dreams were embraced, it was there that time had the right to be a time to be and to feel, it was also there that I discovered that I am a Pereira. It was there that I was and still I am happy.