Collection: |A Amoreira|

"A Amoreira" Stamping |"The Mulberry Tree" Stamping It was already late summer and a slight nostalgia for school commitments was growing inside me. Daily life was lived in an uncompromising way and the notion of time was not related to mathematics or obligations, but rather to an intuitive feeling that went hand in hand with the rhythms of the sun. Outside the black gate of my house, adventure lived. Like all cheeky and curious children, the unknown fascinated me, fear didn't live there. When a breach opened, there I went, in a hurry to distance myself from adult gazes, to meet the outside world. I followed the path of the river Sabolão, it was nature that guided me towards itself, towards the unknown, towards the new. The idea of getting lost both scared and seduced me. Somewhere over there, I was entering a world that only opened to me. No one had access to it. Among the wildflowers of the pine forests, I went after the fruits, berries, and the song of the goldfinch, far from imagining how much all this would teach me for life.