Collection: |The spider, the stone, and the baobab tree|

The first time I felt a tree calling me was in Cabaceira Grande, near the Island of Mozambique. It was a giant baobab tree with elephant skin and branches that stretched like fingers against the blue sky. I was 25 years old, and I dreamed about changing the world.

I hesitated for a moment before approaching it. Then, I reached out and touched the rough tree trunk. At that moment I felt Life’s pulse in me. I’ve connected to a greater Existence, an existence that is neither mine nor yours. It's ours.

What I didn't know was that this would be just the first of countless Earth connection experiences. What I didn't know was that I wouldn't be the one changing the world. It would be the world changing me.

Today I talk to stones, plants, and insects. I scrutinize their silences and tell them

my secrets. With them I learn about myself and the world. I could tell you about the pebble from Chile that revealed the image of Our Lady to me. Or tell you about the baby spider who fell into my lap and smiled at me. But it doesn't fit here.

I am the heiress to the spider, the stone, and the baobab tree. My hair flies in the wind like branches, my trunk-like body withstands storms, my roots penetrate deep into the soil. I weave life around me and I let myself be soften by water. 

Text by Cristiana Pereira,                                                                                                                Drawing by Patricia Azevedo e Patricia M.                                                                             Translation Isabel Madeira