Collection: |Embrace|

In your embrace I embrace what exists,
the sand, the weather, the rain tree,
And everything lives so that I may live:
without going so far I can see it all:
All the living came into your life.

Pablo Neruda, "Cien Sonetos de Amor" (VIII)

Embracing you brings me this deep connection and unity with Nature and all living beings, suggests Neruda.
This simple but magnificent gesture expands our understanding of the world, allows us to open up, invite vulnerability, and create space for the other, whether person or event, to be themselves, to be what it is, and to exist authentically. It is a fundamental human expression that holds the potential to transform and amplify our experiences.
Each of us is like a small vessel containing all our hopes, dreams, fears, and emotions. When we embrace another, it is as though we offer a small drop of water from our own vase. In this sharing, without words, which are so often sparse and fallible, the magnitude of this exchange is immense and transforming. A small yet powerful gesture that quenches and envelops us in the sweet and comforting mantle of connection.
Each of us is like a bank of a great river. The embrace is a bridge that connects us, right in the middle, rescuing the intimacy provided by the encounter. You matter. I care. I'm on your side. You are not alone. I see you. Lean on me, I am here.
The river is no longer cold and unforgiving.