If anyone checked, they would probably find fragments of terracotta, sea breeze and sunshine over wet sand running through my veins.
I close my eyes and I see this image, this 5 second synesthetic loop in my mind, where the scent of the warm orange cliffs meet the sea, shifting to an end-of-the day soft, yet bright, light reflected just where the water meets the sand.

Time didn’t matter because time was always expanding in front of my eyes, as I was fully submerged in my own world, tirelessly throwing hands on the sand and feet in the hair, doing handstands and looking for the perfect balance, in a neverending limitless play. Treasure hunting by the shore, knees-on-the-floor castle building, holes digging and rolling down the cliffs covering my skin with clay and sand.

And then, of course the ocean. The complete surrender in the act of running towards the waves, the deep dives, the summersaults, the pure joy and the floating through the calmness of it all.

Catarina Trindade, 2023