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The Vacations - Out there - The neighbor. The sun invaded the room through the half-open cracks in the window blinds each day earlier. I was waking up with the laziness of someone uncommitted to schoolwork and the rooster's crowing that insisted on calling me for another long day of adventures. In these days, my curiosity had already covered all the known nooks and crannies and now I longed to leap over the walls of my house. My mother's warnings only increased my desire to go outside the house. I close my eyes and can feel the rapid heartbeat of the girl as she wanders through the tangle of village pathways. The curiosity to peek through the closed gates of the houses, the enthusiasm for discovering new and hidden worlds, the adrenaline with the barking of the dogs that guarded them but that did not prevent me from contemplating the flowers, trees and crockeries that vainly adorned these forbidden gardens and the tiles that colored the façades and transformed each house into a kind of unique and personal plastic statement. Nonetheless, my curious look was returned, the curiosity was reciprocated, it wasn't just me who wanted to look and get to know the neighborhood, this game wasn't just mine, the neighbors also looked at me with curiosity, questioning (although and maybe not with the same naivety) my childish impudence.

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